Sunday, 3 May 2015

BIG Thank You Ukulele Festival Trust

The Ukulele Festival Trust (supported by Mr & Mrs Smith) have gifted our school 12 ukuleles.  This will really kick our Friday Lunchtime Uke band into action. 

I found a cheap way to keep our Ukuleles accessible, portable, protected and importantly always visible. Also, it reuses the boxes they came in.

I removed the instruments from their shipping boxes, sliced each box apart on a band saw - at about one third of the way up at a 30° angle, glued them all together with ½ a tube of Liquid-Nails ($8), then glued them into a Pack-n-Save shopping bag ($2.50)

Packing box cut at a 30° angle.

5 boxes glued into a shopping bag.

Kids carry sets of 5 ukes safely & easily.

Stacked out of the way & always visible.

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