Monday, 27 April 2015

Things Planned for Term 2

Well, term 2 has well and truly started.

This term we have three weekly practice sessions at full steam.

Marimba Festival - September 5th Concert

Because of intense interest in the Marimba Band, I've decided to split this into Middle School Marimba Band - Practices on Wednesday Lunchtime, and Senior School Marimba Band - Practices on Thursdays, last block (as part of Arts Rotation).

The Senior School Band will prepare for the ONZA Marimba Festival on September 5th, while the Middle School Band will prepare for Whanau (School) Assemblies  and other things (below).

Ukelele Band - November 28th Concert

This band will begin in week 3 and prepare for the Ukelele Festival Concert at Trusts Stadium November 28th. We have so far enlisted the help of parents, grandparents and teachers to help prepare the kids for this fabulous occasion. 

I'll post more details soon. 
The New Zealand Ukulele Festival 2015, 28th November

 Orff Creative Play Festival - June 14th 

On Sunday June 14th - not far away from today - a number of the Auckland-based teachers of the Orff approach to music and arts education will hold the first festival to celebrate what our children can do when their creativity and imagination join forces. This event is promoted by ONZA.

This will be held at Stonefields School, Mt. Wellington. 

The children will develop an original performance with me, using the Orff approach. This performance will be based on an aspect their life that is meaningful and relevant to them. The inspiration point will be a piece of language based on toys.

This is a non-competitive event, set up to support, feedback and celebrate the creative process of Orff and the combined use of movement, text/drama and music.

Over the next week I will select middle school children who express interest in this activity.  I will then contact their parents about their family's availability to participate.   The Middle school children only will participate in this.  

Other Concerts 

I will soon have details of our kids performing to the retired people in the local retirement villages  also. 

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