Friday, 29 May 2015

Finding song in our names

I've been exploring the wonderful process that is Orff-Schulwerk.  As I've said before, I'm a beginner in this form of Music Education.  So everything I'm doing this year is something of a first-time experiment.

Room 8 proved to be an exciting discovery field today.   I wrote the names of some of the kids on the board and it was Rhys who noticed a pattern in the colours and positions I was writing them in.

Here's how they looked.

We split the class into boys & girls each side of the room. The boys took the bottom two lines.  On the lowest line the boys stamped their feet.  On the secon line up, they patsched their knees with thier hands.

The girls then worked on the top two lines.  Kayl and Aarav's names were chanted accompanied by clapping, while Riki and Aadil's names were clicked with the fingers above the head.

Next we transferred the rhythms onto the Xylophones and Marimba.  Take a look at the process we have been involved in today. These children were just so engaging to work with.  They were engaged.

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