Thursday, 7 August 2014

Developing the Minecraft learning experience

This was a bit of an experiment when I started with Minecraft this semester.

I've had a Junior class today and it's been adapted to suit them.  The structure's still the same but there's been more scaffolding holding it all up.

Having the groups listed on the board with 5 year-olds doesn't necessarily translate into children understanding how to join a particular world.  (More on that later!)

The research activity: selecting a sports event from the Commonwealth Games then searching using keywords was centred around the small whiteboard and  a discussion of using special words "

Search words listed along with "save" words.
Groups are listed with children's
names and their iPad numbers. 
I also quickly wrote the group names on pieces of folded paper so that the children could easily identify which iPad they were to join once they had launched MinecraftPE. That helped.



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