Saturday, 26 July 2014

Some learnings from the young

There's a few things I've learned in doing the Minecraft world with the kids.

Creating & Managing

  • Pre "spawn" (create) the world before your class begins
  • Create a FLAT world
  • Don't allow kids to create their own worlds
  • Name each class iPad/device  with the device identification number
  • Record on the board each world's name, host name, team members 
Tips for setting up the world. 

Today it was our turn to investigate a sports event currently happening at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games.  The end goal is to create a Minecraft 3D model which can show off our research and observations skills.  

After forming into teams each of the children chose a particular sports event, so that the world would have a good variety.  Next we all researched the events' facilities, equipment and design. We discussed and agreed on which search words would get us the best images from the google search engine. 

We looked at a sample image for the sorts of details we were looking for.  The hard part was skimming and scanning lots of photos to find the best ones with good detail to include in our Minecraft world.  Then we all saved the photos to our camera rolls for later.

We haven't even got to Minecraft yet - or morning tea! Mr. Maindonald visited our class and showed us how to use Skitch to "mark up" (notate) our photos. Mr. McLay thought he would use our Skitch images to help the Middle School kids in their work tomorrow.

Then the leaders of each team launched their  Minecraft world which had been created beforehand. The team leaders became the "Hosts" of the game. The other team members joined their hosts and started working together to build the different stadium structures.  

This is when the fun work really begins. Everything from roads, bridges, first aid stations, to TV and media platforms. Basically all the things the groups had found in their research had to be included in their structures.  Each team has to work to a checklist that somehow keeps on growing. 

Have a look at whatRoom 25 has created so far. 

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