Friday, 27 March 2015

Bamboozle-a-phone | A Musical Installation

As part of the Enviroweek, I teamed up with Mrs. Renner and Room 13 to build some outdoor musical instruments. The first one to be completed has been named the "Bamboozle-a-phone" by Mrs. Hodder's Room 14 kids. I talked to them about our music room instruments - xylophone (wooden instrument), metalaphone (metal instrument), marimba (giant xylophone).  We toyed with several ideas for names that had elements of those instruments.  Bamboozle-a-phone was the most popular.

Our "bamboozle-a-phone" is made of 9 pieces of  bamboo poles (of varying lengths) strung along two high tension wires and horizontal spacers. The sound comes from tapping the poles with another piece of bamboo.

The name definitely fits with our Dr. Seuss theme for the year. I only hope the noise doesn't bamboozle Miss. Eyre - it's right outside her classroom.
Half of the Musical Enviro-garden 

Preparing the bamboo poles for sealing

Bamboo poles laid out on my garage floor before drilling holes

Holes did not quite line up as planned - hence the random look!

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