Thursday, 19 February 2015


We are going to introduce a web-based music education app later this term.  The  school-wide licence will enable children to complete projects, collaborate and compose in class, in the library or at home.

Parents will be able to get involved in this online music-making.
More on that later.  Here is sample screenshot of how to create
a soundscape on the Groovy Music App.
In our second lesson we created a soundscape on the Groovy Music app. Then we began exploring the sounds of the Orff instruments (marimba, xylophones, metalophones and recorders, plus a few ukelele).

The class had a taste of creating their own soundscapes. They were encouraged to adapt and work impromptu on 'real' instruments. After some preparation, each group performed to the class.

Room 21 creating a soundscape

Room 21 - Soundscaping 
One group of three girls from Room 24 (Leilani, Kimberly and Javiyah) created a very beautiful piece. The other children asked to join in to add their own sounds to the imaginative soundscape. Take a look!

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